2017 Samsung UHD MU6070 and Most Samsung 4K TV Menu And Apps System

See More On Amazon: http://amzn.to/2A1XkLV
Resolution 3840 x 2160, 4K Ultra HD
Motion Rate* 120
Color 4K Color Drive Elite
HDR (High-Dynamic Range) 4K HDR Pro
Blacks Essential Black Pro
Picture Engine UHD Upscaling
UHD Upscaling Yes
Depth Enhancing Technology Contrast Enhancer

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Products In Videos: https://goo.gl/OxOLA6

40″ Samsung MU6290 4K TV How To Setup The Basics Plus More…https://youtu.be/LGW_EysBTjs

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  1. Whats the different between the MU6070 and the MU6300 model?? I mean they both 50 inches.. I notice that mu6070 only have 2 hdmr port and the mu6300 has 3 hdmr port… Is that the only different?? And what is better?? Please reply

  2. love your tuto. on how to work with this samsung model keep up the good info bro. iam trying to get rid of my comcast tv account and just go full internet tv.

  3. So I need help. I just got this samsung 4K tv and when I plugged in my Xbox one to play I noticed that my gameplay was delayed and i sucked at playing. Couldn’t get any kills. With my previous tv I didn’t have this issue at all and the reaction time was perfect and never had a problem. Can anyone please help? I would really appreciate it

  4. i just bought the UN58MU6100 and the video seems grainy with my antenna for air tv. also, it is grainy for youtube on my amazon firestick too. how do you calibrate or adjust this tv and how can i find out if i'm seeing in 1080p, 4k, etc.?

  5. Hello great vids,,I really need some help. World Cup is a few days away!! I need an upgrade asap. Found the 65MU6290 for $789.99. Im upgrading from a horrid Black Friday 2013 especial Sharp lc60le450u "not a pretty picture". For that price range will I regret the Samsung 65", I mainly watch sports. Ive read its not really 120, which sucks cause I really wanted a 240. so kinda confused

  6. It fucking kills me that TV manufacturers can't just give an honest refresh rate. They try to to make it sound fancy like it's not really a lower one.

  7. Bought this same model last month at BJ's for $599.99 discounted with a $200.00 clipless coupon. Gonna hook it up on the wall of my detached garage this fall when the weather breaks gets close to 100 degrees at times. TV is rated at 50 – 103 degrees + or – 7 degrees so AC is necessary.

  8. I have my gaming laptop connected to the TV and on the HDMI source it won't let me edit the color, tint, and several of other pictures settings on the HDMI source with the Gaming Laptop, it says "this function is not available."

    My previous 1080p HD Samsung TV did allow to change everything with my Gaming Laptop. Someone help me please!

  9. I loathe these smart TVs. I just want a plain ass 50 inch monitor with multiple hdmi inputs. i will use my own PC for what i want. it is a damn education with these tvs. Technology getting so advanced it is slowing things down instead of streamlining like it is meant to do. same with phone and such. there is way to much BS in there you only use 10% of it at best. to many options to mind numbing and to much bloated crap.


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